CFL Nationals and NSDA Nationals

Danville High is the most recognized Kentucky school at the National level with 19 national finalists since 1998 and our retired Head Coach inducted into the National Hall of Fame. Check out our National Finalists gallery!

2007 School of Excellence, NSDA (Wichita)

2019 School of Excellence, NSDA (Dallas)

2003 Top 5 in Nation, CFL (Arlington)

2003 Declamation NATIONAL CHAMPION Mauricus Lofton, CFL

2003 Declamation (CFL) 2006 Dramatic Performance (CFL) Mason Scisco

2011 Declamation Sarabeth Marlowe, CFL

2013 Declamation Sue Cook, CFL

2012 Dramatic Performance Drew Lane, CFL

2016 Dramatic Performance Hannah Draut, CFL

2006 Duo Interpretation Ross Johnson and Katherine Nelson, CFL

2012 Expository Speaking Nate Johnson, NSDA

1998 Extemporaneous Speaking Jennifer Thompson, CFL

2003 Extemporaneous Speaking (CFL) and US Extemporaneous Speaking (NSDA) Logan Scisco

2007 Extemporaneous Speaking (CFL) 2008 International Extemporaneous Speaking (NSDA) Hunter Kendrick

2010 Extemporaneous Speaking (CFL) and International Extemporaneous Speaking (NSDA) Jamie Mohan

2019 NSDA Hall of Fame Coach Steve Meadows

2000 Oratory NATIONAL CHAMPION Geoffrey Barton, CFL

2007 Oratory John Patrick Allen, NSDA

2006 Prose Ross Johnson, NSDA


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