Danville High is the most recognized Kentucky school at the National level.

We have literally won hundreds of awards at the national tournaments. Check out our prize winners below!


1995 (Chicago): Qualifiers:  Hannah Clark, Sonya Selby, Lindsay Wolfgang

1996 Topeka): Qualifiers:  Vicki Gooch, Chris Hibberd, Josh Lewis, Erin Shiba, Jennifer Thompson

1997 (Baltimore): Vicki Gooch, quarterfinals Declamation; Jennifer Thompson, octofinals Extemporaneous; Qualifiers:  Dominique Brousseau, Hillary McKinney, Luke Mentzer, Erin Montgomery, Joseph Payton, Laura Weddle

1998 (Detroit):  Jennifer Thompson, 5th place, Extemporaneous; John JP Pollom, semifinals (top 12), Extemporaneous; Shae Stuart, quarterfinals, Oral Interpretation; Vicki Gooch, octofinals, Oral Interpretation; Stephen Scott, octofinals, Extemporaneous; Hillary McKinney, octofinals, Oratory; Qualifiers:  Stefani Fegenbush, Sytira Kirby, Paul Martin, Joseph Payton

1999 (Chicago):  John Pollom, semifinals, Extemporaneous; Geoffrey Barton, semifinals, Declamation; Erin Montgomery, quarterfinals, Oral Interpretation; Qualifiers:  Heather Born, Vicki Gooch, Sytira Kirby

2000 (Rochester):  Geoffrey Barton, 1st place, Oratory; Julia Moran, semifinals, Declamation; Heather Born, octofinals, Declamation; Julie McGlothlin, octofinals, Extemporaneous; Qualifiers:  Adam Haigh, Joseph Payton, Daniel Warren

2001 (New York City):   Geoffrey Barton, quarterfinals, Oratory; Daniel Warren, octofinals, Oratory; Richard Crowley, octofinals, Declamation; Joel Meister, octofinals, Declamation; Adrienne Warren, octofinals, Declamation; Qualifiers:  Heather Born, Julie McGlothlin, Logan Scisco

2002 (Pittsburgh): Logan Scisco, quarterfinals, Extemporaneous; Jordan Baeker, octofinals, Declamation; Chad Sapp, octofinals, Dramatic Performance; Qualifiers:  Richard Crowley, Mauricus Lofton 

2003 (Arlington): Mauricus Lofton, 1st, Declamation; Logan Scisco, 4th, Extemporaneous; Mason Scisco, 6th, Declamation; Chad Sapp, semifinals, Dramatic Performance; Joel Meister, quarterfinals, Oratory; Zach Hart/Hannah Reynolds, octofinals, Duo Interpretation; Qualifiers:  Adam Hoover, Dawn Schulz; TEAM NAMED ONE OF FIVE TOP TEAMS COMPETING AT TOURNAMENT OVERALL.

2004 (Boston): Jordan Baeker, semifinals (7th), Original Oratory; Aaron Jenkins, semifinals (7th), Dramatic Performance; Mauricus Lofton, semifinals (9th), Oral Interpretation; Dawn Schulz and Zeke Goggin, quarterfinals, Duo Interp.; Logan Scisco, quarterfinals, Extemporaneous; Adam Hoover, octofinals, Extemporaneous; Qualifiers:  John Patrick Allen, Allison Baeker, Ross Johnson, Mason Scisco

2005 (Milwaukee): Mauricus Lofton and Dawn Schulz, quarterfinals, Duo Interp; David Stroup, quarterfinals, Extemporaneous; Mason Scisco, octofinals, Dramatic Performance; Qualifiers:  Ross Johnson, Anderson Salinas

2006 (Chicago): Mason Scisco, 3rd, Dramatic Performance; Ross Johnson and Katherine Nelson, 5th, Duo Interp; Hunter Kendrick, octofinals, Extemporaneous; Katie Nedvidek, octofinals, Oral Interpretation; Qualifiers:  John Patrick Allen, Caroline Crowley, Matthew DeLuca, Sebastian Pyrek, Anderson Salinas, Kevin Smiley, Nora Weston

2007 (Houston): Hunter Kendrick, 3rd, Extemporaneous; John Patrick Allen, quarterfinals, Original Oratory; Caroline Crowley and Matthew DeLuca, octofinals, Duo Interpretation; Lydia Pope, octofinals, Declamation; Sebastian Pyrek, octofinals, Extemporaneous; Anderson Salinas, octofinals, Oral Interpretation; Qualifiers:  Jane Morrison, McKay Nelson  

2008 (Appleton):  Hunter Kendrick, octofinals, Extemporaneous; Sebastian Pyrek, octofinals, Extemporaneous; John Liu, octofinals, Original Oratory; Qualifers:  Logan Anderson, Candace Mullins, Anderson Salinas, Courtney Wood, Jamie Mohan, Nora Weston, Kyle Snapp

2009 (Albany):  Maggie Tirey, semifinals, Oral Interpretation; McKay Nelson, octofinals, Original Oratory; Qualifers:  Jono Beto, Lydia Pope, Madeline Salinas, Jared Rehberg, Candace Mullins, Cole Steber, Jamie Mohan, Kyle Snapp

2010 (Omaha):  James Mohan, 2nd, Extemporaneous Speaking; Sarabeth Marlowe, semifinals, Declamation; Courtney Wood, quarterfinals, Dramatic Performance; Drew Lane, octofinals, Dramatic Performance; Joe Weston, octofinals, Extemporaneous Speaking.  Qualifers:  Olivia Allen, Dylan Crow, Taylor Hesselbach, Nate Johnson, Dylan Mullins, Jackman Ochs, Madeline Salinas

2011 (Washington):  Sarabeth Marlowe, 4th, Declamation; Nate Johnson, octofinals, Oratory; Michael Ross, octofinals, Oral Interpretation.  Qualifers:  Ali Gautier, Drew Lane, Andrew McKinney, Phoebe Ross, Madeline Salinas, Max Searcy, John Thompson, Joe Weston, Wright Williams

2012 (Baltimore): Drew Lane, 4th, Dramatic Performance; Madeline Salinas, quarterfinals, Oratory; Joe Weston, quarterfinals, Extemp; Nate Johnson, octofinals, Oratory; Sarabeth Marlowe and John Thompson, octofinals, Duo Interpretation; Sue Cook, octofinals, Declamation; Emma Jackson, octofinals, Declamation. Qualifers:  Isabelle Ballard, Austin Barringer, Dylan Crow, Waylon Duff, Jack Graham, Marc Manheim, Dylan Mullins, Laurel Payne, Phoebe Ross, Calvin Steber, Tyler Whitehouse

2013 (Philadelphia): Sue Cook, 2nd, Declamation; Sarabeth Marlowe, semifinals, Oral Interpretation; Laurel Payne, quarterfinals, Declamation; Cloe Anderson and Kolton Winfield, octofinals, Duo Interpretation; Dylan Mullins, octofinals, Oratory. Qualifers:  Austin Barringer, Sam Nelson, Phoebe Ross, Mary Thompson

2014 (Chicago): Cloe Anderson, quarterfinals, Dramatic Performance; Sue Cook, quarterfinals, Extemporaneous; Andrew McKinney, semifinals, Congressional Debate; Austin Barringer, octofinals, Oral Interpretation; Emma Jackson, octofinals, Extemporaneous.  Qualifiers:  Zane Arnold, Mary-Scott Bugg, Hannah Draut, Lydia Graham, Ben McAllister, Laurel Payne

2015 (Ft. Lauderdale): Sue Cook and Lydia Graham, octofinals, Duo Interpretation.  Qualifiers:  Abigail Anderson, Zane Arnold, Austin Barringer, Mary-Scott Bugg, Celeste Fieberg, Greg Goldie, McCallum Morley, Laurel Payne, Grace Sheene, Hibah Siddiqui

2016 (Sacramento):  Hannah Draut, 6th place, Dramatic Performance; Charlie Hall, quarterfinals, Declamation; Matt Ballard and McCallum Morley, quarterfinals, Duo Interpretation; Dylan Godbey and Clay Williams, quarterfinals, Duo Interpretaiton; Grace Sheene, octofinals, Oral Interpretation.  Qualifiers:  Zane Arnold, Chan Cheame, Levi Daugherty, Greg Goldie, Lydia Graham, Caitlin Haskett, Claire Strysick

2017 (Louisville):  Natalie Grubbs, quarterfinals, Declamation; Grace Sheene, quarterfinals, Dramatic Performance; Haley Hopkins, octofinals, Declamation; Abigail Anderson and Matthew Ballard, octofinals, Duo Interpretation; Billy Critchfield, octofinals, Extemporaneous Speaking. Qualifiers: Caroline Bugg, Katie Critchfield, Celeste Fieberg, Charlie Hall, Emma Merryman, Joseth Warner

2018 (Washington):  Emma Merryman, quarterfinals, Oratory.  Qualifiers: Katie Critchfield, Haley Hopkins, Barrett Minks, Britton Minks, Claire Strysick, Joseth Warner

2019 (Milwaukee):  Joseth Warner, semifinals, Dramatic Performance; Natalie Grubbs, quarterfinals, Dramatic Performance; Lauren Lucas, octofinals, Declamation; Claire Strysick, octofinals, Oratory.  Qualifier: Katie Critchfield


1995 (Ft. Lauderdale):  Qualifier:   Lindsay Wolfgang  plus one “leftover” kid  (Sid VanNess) from Mr. M’s old team at Beechwood went with us and placed 10th in Oratory

1996 Team did not attend NFL Districts

1997 (Minneapolis): Qualifier:  Laura Weddle

1998 No qualifiers

1999 (Phoenix):  John Pollom, Quarterfinals, Oratory

2000 (Portland):  Qualifier:  Geoffrey Barton

2001 (Oklahoma City):  Qualifiers:  Geoffrey Barton, Matt Gordon, Julia Moran, Logan Scisco

2002  (Charlotte): Logan Scisco, 13th, US Extemp; Joel Meister, octofinals, Oratory; Qualifiers:  Zach Hart, Mitch Massaro

2003 (Atlanta): Logan Scisco, 3rd, US Extemp (and 1st in Finals); Chad Sapp, 9th, Humorous Interp; Joel Meister, octofinals, Oratory; Dawn Schulz, octofinals, Dramatic Interp; Qualifiers:  Katie Stocker (& Chad Sapp in Duo)

2004 (Salt Lake City):  Jordan Baeker, semifinals, Original Oratory; Logan Scisco, octofinals, US Extemp; Dave Stroup, semifinals, Impromptu.  Qualifiers:  Bill Ellis, Zeke Goggin, Dawn Schulz

2005 (Philadelphia): Mason Scisco, octofinals, Dramatic Interp; Qualifiers:  Mauricus Lofton, Dawn Schulz

2006 (Dallas):  Ross Johnson, octofinals, Oratory; Mason Scisco, octofinals, Dramatic Interp; Ross Johnson, 6th, Prose; Ralph Morrison, semifinals, Expository; Qualifiers:  Anderson Salinas, Kevin Smiley, Kyle Snapp, Jamie Sommers, Chelsey Wood

2007 (Wichita):  John Patrick Allen, 6th Original Oratory; Chelsey Wood, 12th, Humorous Interpretation; Hunter Kendrick, 13th, US Extemp; Sebastian Pyrek, quarterfinals, International Extemp; Caroline Crowley and Matthew DeLuca, octofinals Duo Interp; Qualifers:  Jamie Mohan, Kyle Snapp.  TEAM NAMED SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE!

2008 (Las Vegas):  Hunter Kendrick, 4th, International Extemporaneous; Anderson Salinas, semifinals, House of Representatives; Sebastian Pyrek, octofinals, International Extemporaneous; Qualifiers:  Amanda Moler, Jamie Mohan, Cole Steber, Rhianna Miles, Jared Rehberg

2009 (Birmingham):  Jamie Mohan and Cole Steber, 11th round (top 27), Public Forum Debate; Kyle Snapp, semifinals, Storytelling.  Qualifiers:  Candace Mullins, Jared Rehberg

2010 (Kansas City):  James Mohan, 2nd, International Extemporaneous Speaking; Courtney Wood, quarterfinals, Dramatic Interpretation. Qualifier:  Jono Beto

2011 (Dallas):  Nate Johnson, octofinals, Oratory; Joe Weston, octofinals, International Extemp.  Qualifiers:  Isabelle Ballard, Drew Lane, Andrew McKinney, Phoebe Ross, Max Searcy

2012 (Indianapolis): Sarabeth Marlowe and John Thompson, octofinals, Duo Interpretation; Nate Johnson, 3rd, Expository; John Thompson, semifinals, Storytelling.  Qualifiers:  Isabelle Ballard, Dylan Crow, Phoebe Ross, Joe Weston

2013 (Birmingham):  Sarabeth Marlowe & Kolton Winfield, semifinals, Duo Interpretation.  Qualifier: Phoebe Ross

2014 (Overland Park): Cloe Anderson, octofinals, Humorous Interpretation; Sue Cook, octofinals, International Extemporaneous; Andrew McKinney, semifinals, Senate.  Qualifier:  Emma Jackson

2015 (Dallas): Austin Barringer, octofinals, Dramatic Interpretation; semifinals, Expository Speaking.  Qualifiers:  Abigail Anderson, Zane Arnold, Mary-Scott Bugg, Greg Goldie, Lydia Graham

2016 (Salt Lake City): Grace Sheene, octofinals, Dramatic Interpretation; semifinals, Prose.  Caitlin Haskett, semifinals, Senate.  Qualifiers:  Abigail Anderson, Zane Arnold, Hannah Draut

2017 (Birmingham): Grace Sheene, quarterfinals, Dramatic Interpretation; Charlie Hall, quarterfinals, Oratory.  Qualifiers:  Abigail Anderson, Matthew Ballard

2018  (Ft. Lauderdale):  Qualifiers: Caroline Bugg, Haley Hopkins, Becky Mohr, Joseth Warner

2019 (Dallas):  Joseth Warner, quarterfinals, Dramatic Interpretation; Emma Merryman, quarterfinals, Oratory; Claire Strysick, quarterfinals, Oratory; Natalie Grubbs, octofinals, Informative; Emma Merryman, semifinals, Impromptu; Natalie Grubbs, semifinals, Prose. Qualifier: Katie Critchfield. TEAM NAMED SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE!


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